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Friday, November 18, 2011
Hey Peeps!
So I have got a real treat for you today...

Wait. Did you just feel that? *shivers* I think the temperature just dropped in here.... *goosebumps race along my arms* Yeah, it defintely is cold in here..... Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We interupt this special blog post to bring an alert from the national weather system......

There is a Blizzard blowing in.....massive amounts of snow are about to completely shut down your area and strand you in your home.  Be sure you have supplies and wood for heat. The winds will howl through the snow heavy trees and the world is about to be covered in white and ice.....

And blood.

Okay, so maybe a REAL blizzard isn't going to blow through your town but there is one brewing in your e-reader. That's right Peeps in just a few days Whiteout will be released!!!
I am super excited to for this little read to be released. Why? It's a fabulous read and it's just in time for the holidays. It has something for everyone. Action, mystery, romance and ..... blood.

Have I mentioned that you should never trust a woman with a shotgun?

This short story was the most fun to put together for me out of the three releases that I have upcoming (Before was released on the 18th!). Why? Because it was the easiest. LOL. The story literally just blew into my head much like a blizzard and exploded onto paper. I haven't sweated much over the content and if people will like it. Because I truly think they will. It's a really fun, quick read and it will totally put you in the mood for the holidays.

Sooooo, to celebrate this blizzard that is blowing in I have got some fabulous giveaways!!

In Snow Bank A: An Ebook and a poster.
the lucky winner will recieve a coupon code from smashwords to download Whiteout. They will also get a signed poster of the fabulous cover (designed by Regina Wamba - Mae I Design)
this is the poster------------->

In Snow Bank B: A 5$ Giftcard to Dairy Queen to get yourself a Blizzard..... brrrrrrrr.

And also another $5 gift card from Starbucks. (you know how much I love me Starbucks....) I suggest getting a coffee and snugly up with your reader to read Whiteout.
This is what your card will look like: ------------------------->
(I thought the snowy scene was appropriate.)

So that's what's in the Snow Banks....
Do you see that..... *shivers* gets out a red shovel..........

There's More!!!! I found more in the Snow!!!!!! What is it?

Its a secret.

That's right - a secret addition to snow bank number 2.
You can find out what it is on Release day which is November 23rd. Just in time to download before you enjoy the bird on your table and give thanks. :)

So what do you need to do to win these frosty but good prizes?
Leave a comment on this thread and answer this question.....

Have you ever kissed a stanger? OR Have you ever been stuck somewhere (maybe because of a blizzard) with someone that you don't know??

So leave your comment and be sure to come back on Release Day. I will be posting the winners, announcing the secret gift AND be sharing a fabulous review of Whiteout from Reviewer Lila.
Until then enjoy the book trailer and stay warm........ It's about to start snowing.


  1. Katy S said...:

    Hmm - no, I've never kissed a stranger - I've kissed someone whose name I didn't remember the next day, but no strangers ... BOOYAH! *ba dump bump*

    Great giveaway - thanks!

  1. Cambria said...:

    Lol!!! Katy!! Hilarious! Thanks for entering!!!

  1. Jenn said...:

    Let me just tell anyone who is reading these comments: I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!
    Cambria totally rocked this one out like NOBODY'S BIDNESS!
    Seriously, just to get the book alone is a gift.
    But she does love to spoil her followers :)

    So, for my story, have I ever kissed a stranger or been trapped with one?
    No, I have never been trapped with one that I can recall right this second.
    Have I ever kissed a stranger?
    Yes, one night bar hopping in Downtown Dallas I was out with a group of friends and we ended up running into some other people, well there was this guy who was pretty tall and pretty hot.
    He ended up hitting on me and actually became pretty obnoxious about it.
    He thought that he was gods gift to women and my friends were all stoked over this freakshow.
    He was some baseball player for the Texas Rangers. ( don't ask me who cause this was like 10 years ago)
    Maybe it would've impressed me if he were in a boyband but sports are so not my thing.
    So this admittedly hot but loser guy ends up thinking he can just kiss me.
    I was not impressed at all.
    Esp when he spilled his beer all over my brand new leather jacket.
    Never spoke to or saw that guy again.
    THank god!

  1. Cambria said...:

    Ahhhh Jenn - u have a story for everything!!! I love it! That guy sounds totally hot bah ha ha. Guess not. I've actually had a guy spill beer all over me at a bar too. Totally un cool! Ugh!

  1. Jenn said...:

    I know right?
    I have done alot in my life just nothing of any real significance except having my son.
    Stories about dating and loser guys, got em!

  1. Dranea said...:

    A LOT of people say my husband is strange...does that mean I am kissing a stranger?? HHMMM......

  1. Cambria said...:

    Bah ha ha ha!!!! I think u might make a good case there Dranea - do we really know our husbands / wives. You know everyone wears a mask......He he he. Did that get uexcited for Masquerade???

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hello, Cam! Stopping by to enter and thank you for the copy of Whiteout! My review is going up Monday (hint, hint: I loved it!). Looking forward to seeing another one of your great stories out there on the market. :)

    In answer: No, I have never kissed a stranger! LOL

    Thanks for the giveaway (I guess I need prizes two or three, huh?)


  1. I love, love, love Whiteout!!! It's such an amazing story and I love how it unfolds!

    To answer your questions...
    Growing up in PA, I've been stuck in snow storms more than once, but never with a stranger. As far as kissing a stranger ...umm... okay, let's just leave it as I was a bit wild in my early college day (many years ago).

    So excited for you on your book releases!!!
    Thanks for the giveaways!

  1. Cambria said...:

    Thanks for stopping by Danielle! Sounds like your college years were something to talk a out! Lol!!

  1. So this is what you were talking about with the blizzardspeak? I had no idea!! I'm sorry, Cambria, I was totally out of touch--you should've told me!

    You're doing a great job with the contest/giveaway ideas here. Wow. I'm so impressed. Wish I had this kind of marketing budget. Even just hiring a professional designer is so far beyond my means I can't allow myself even 10 seconds to think about it, not even one. Turning on the heat tonight when temps drop to the 30s will be "splurging" enough.

    So I'm working 20 hours in the next 2 days (Mon/Tue) and by Wed the 23rd--when you release--I will have completely forgotten this! Please remind me so I can help you with RTs and promo. Oh and PLEASE feel welcome to just post yourself on my Webbiegrrl Writer Facebook Page. It's only a couple of hundred people (half of which are Pages of other writers) but it's something and it's mine and you are welcome to share it :)

  1. You really want me to dig for that memory, don't you? And if I can't remember, can I still enter the contest? My dog is snoring next to me and it's so distracting... so I'm just gonna go with no, I haven't kissed a stranger. Can't wait to read Whiteout!

  1. sp said...:

    I just started following you! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your banner is magical.

  1. LOL, um, no for both questions! What about that time where I was stuck in the bus seat because this guy was sleeping beside me so I couldn't get out? Haha, does that count?

    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway, Cambria!


  1. Nikki said...:

    Yes....I have kissed a stranger...two actually was a very hot gay man and the other was a new years Eve kiss that I didn't initiate and was shocked Guy and I never saw him again! I wanted to say thanks...your blog is one of the first I've come across and actually seen my button on! You totally made my day! Thank you so.much for the giveaway and I feel so happy knowing a piece of me is here! You totally rock!

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