The Willing (Crayder Chronicles #2) by C.S. Splitter

Monday, November 21, 2011
Hey Peeps!

My books aren't the only ones that are releasing this time of the year. A really good friend of mine and fellow member of the Dreative Reviews Group on GoodReads has a book coming out TODAY!!!!!

So I am doing this special blog post as a shout out to C.S. Splitter and the second book in the Crayder Chronicles today. (CONGRATS SPLITTER!!!) This book is totally UNLIKE anything you have read before. How do I know? I have read both The Reluctant and The Willing. The characters are original, fresh and wuite a few of them you prbably will want to slap.... until you realize that you like them. That's the kind of talented writing that Splitter possesses.

I highly recommend that you give these books a try. It will broaden your horizions, enlighten you about planes, make you laugh out loud and unfuriate you at the same time. Ladies -- while you are reading this you will nod your head and roll your eyes and think "I knew this is what men were like". HA HA HA.

These books aren't my usual fantasy/paranormal genre but they are still Great and I am so glad that I got the honor of reading them both. I will be writing a review for The Willing just as I had for The Reluctant (which was posted on this blog along with an interview with C.S. Splitter -------> its over there in the archives.
So be on the lookout for that. As well as a guest post about writing from Splitter himself - and trust me his views on writing and publishing are fresh and down to earth so its a must read. Just like The Willing.

So enough babbling from me. How about some deets on The Willing?
Here is the Blurb:

The second book in the "Crayder Chronicles."

How far would you go to protect your friends and family?

Tom Crayder is the All-American guy next door with a business, a wife, a son, a mortgage, and an expensive hobby. He is also a politically incorrect, wisecracking, operative working for a shadowy organization dedicated to administering justice outside of a broken system. Not even his wife knows of his other life when she finds herself unwittingly involved in a drug war.

Strap in with Tom as he navigates his way through the strata of a drug cartel. Lock and load with Lorena, a hard hearted assassin, as she lends her deadly skills to Tom’s fight for his family.

Sit back to watch Tom and Lorena figure out how to work together without killing each other. Join the rest of the cast from "The Reluctant (Crayder Chronicles)" as they pitch in to track down the hitmen that threaten their associate.

Some mysteries are solved. Some questions are answered. Some live. Some die.

Each volume in the "Crayder Chronicles" can be read as a stand alone. Book one, "The Reluctant," was published in 2011 and is also available at Smashwords.

Here is the link to buy The Willing on Smash

price? $2.99

So know you know all about it AND I gave you the link to get it.

Are you "Willing" to give it a try???


  1. I have the greatest readers in the world. Thank you, Cambria!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wonderful post Cambria! Can't wait to see if you're killed by werewolves in the next installment!

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