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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
This is what we will be talking about today.
This is the book you can enter to win.
(Ecopy ofr giveaway)

Hey Peeps!!!

Its a fabulous day!! Fabulous because Heather Hildenbrand is stopping by today for her Cold Blood Blog Tour! I am SO excited about this book. For sooo many reasons. I'll tell you my top 3.

1.) Dirty Blood (the first of the series) was super awesome and this book is just a continuation of more awesome.

2.) There's werewolves. (really need I say more?)

3.) I'm a character in the book. - Nope, I didn't stutter or have a moment of crazed fandom. I actually am a character in Cold Blood. How did that happen?? Back before I even read Dirty Blood I saw a post about it on a fellow bloggers blog. She was hosting a giveaway, I entered hoping to snag a copy of the book. Instead I won the grand prize: to become a character in the next book Cold Blood.

So then I was like I must read this. So I downloaded a copy of Dirty Blood and I read it. It was fabulous and I wrote a review for it and posted it around (it is here on my blog). I even tried to send Heather a message on GR but it wouldn't let me. It said she wasn't accepting messages. I thought well, the crazies must be stalking this girl about the werewolves..... (admittedly, I kind of was too.... lol). So I let it go.

But that wasn't the end of it.

Heather saw my review and sent me a message!!! I was so excited I almost peed my pants. Okay, I didn't but I was excited. We got to talking and then i told her I was the one who won the contest. We would talk from time to time and then when it got closer to release she asked me to BETA read it. I said no. NOT!!!! Of course I said hell yes!!!! I wanted to see about Cambria and i secretly hoped that this Cambria character would fall insanely in love with a hot werewolf and they would ride off into the sunset where they would have werewolf babies and live happily ever after.

Hey, every girl can dream.

So I read Cold Blood and it was awesome! Heather delivers again! I really enjoyed the characters - old and new. And the character of me... (he he he) she's is totally fun!!! She's also kind of goth.... I'm thinking I might try out that look.... what do y'all think?

And of course, Wes is still and awesome guy...  but there is also a new guy in town and i gotta tell ya.... I started turning my head AWAY from the wolf to get a better look at this guy.....

What have we learned here today?

1.) Heather is an awesome writer
2.) A goth look might be the way to go
3.) If anyone can make me the Queen of Wereowolf lovin' think about another guy while a perfectly good and hot were is standing there then thats some writing chops. Don't you think?
4.) Heather is graciously offering a Ecopy of Cold Blood today for a GIVEAWAY!!!

But don't take my word for it (really, you should) how about a Sneak Peak of chapter one??? Yeah, you like that don't you? As you should.
So here is your sneak peak of Chapter One of COLD BLOOD:

Chapter One
   “I can’t believe this. You punched her in the face? Twice?!” My mother’s voice rose to a shriek.
   “Um.” There wasn’t anything I could say to make this one go down easier, so I stayed wisely silent and stared down at my hands propped on the faux marble of the island countertop. We were facing off in the kitchen. Two days had passed since… well, since I’d almost died. And mom, too.
Grandma was rummaging around upstairs, probably rearranging my mother’s furniture in the guest room. Again. Which I knew added to my mother’s stress level and left me taking the heat.
   In the aftermath of that day, I'd forgotten all about the incident at school. Only now did I realize how little the office had told my mother during that initial phone call before she’d gone and tried to sacrifice herself to Leo, my evil uncle.
I’d somehow dodged it again when she’d called to withdraw me from my high school, giving them the address at Wood Point to send my transcripts. Whichever clueless old lady she’d talked to at reception hadn’t even mentioned the suspension. But then today, she’d received the letter, and the explanation it contained from Principal Sellers that cleared it all up. In detail.
   My mother blew out a breath and a stray piece of hair flew off her forehead and then back down again. I think she would’ve paced, but then she wouldn’t have been able to hold the icy glare she was using on me. I shifted my weight, wondering if it would be a mistake to make a break for the stairs. Probably.
My mother waved the letter from Principal Sellers in my face, as if I might not remember whatever it said happened.
“I can’t believe this,” she repeated. “Suspended. For fighting. This goes on your permanent record, you know. Colleges will see it. If you make it that far. And at this rate, you might not. We’re lucky Grandma secured your spot at Wood Point already.”
Wood Point. Yeah, lucky. I hung onto my silence, but it was getting harder. I wanted to say that if I’d known it would get me out of boarding school, I’d happily punch Cindy Adams all over again. I had a feeling that was not something I should say out loud.
   The oven timer dinged, signaling the self-cleaning was done. My mother broke her gaze and glanced at the appliance like it was calling to her. “We’ll talk about this later."
   I scurried out before she’d finished pulling on her yellow cleaning gloves.
   I thought about going back to my room to hide out, while my mother worked her frustrations out on the oven, but it was depressing in there. All of my clothes were packed and ready to go for the trip to Wood Point tomorrow. So were most of my books, bedding, and anything else remotely important to me. Everything except Wes.
   I hovered outside my room, leaning against the wall, and trying to ignore the dull pang that arose from thinking his name. He’d been by every day, under the watchful and disapproving eyes of my mother. He was slow to convince that I really was recovering. At least, that’s why he claimed to be checking on me. He hadn’t said much about anything else, including us, or school, or how we were supposed to be ‘us’ with me at school. I was afraid to ask because I wasn’t sure what his answer would be.
   I was still hung up on the whole magnetic pull between us. The more time that passed, the more it bothered me. What if that was the only reason I was attracted to him? Or him, to me? What if we only wanted to be together because of some strange chemical reaction in our blood? It was hard to believe, because just thinking about him made me ache and yearn in ways I’d never thought possible. But, I couldn’t shake the doubts and wondering…
   And then there was his completely annoying over protectiveness that fell somewhere between macho extreme and unnecessary. I was trying to be understanding and let it go. I was the first to jump on the protective bandwagon when it came to someone I loved, but every time he made a decision about what was best for me, without actually consulting me, it grated.
“There you are.”
So that's the sneak peak!!! You really should read this series, its fabulous and so is Heather. The end of Cold Blood really leaves you wondering what is going to happen and anxious for the next installement!! Want more sneak peaks? Heather is offering a sneak peak at the first 6 chapters of her book on the first 6 blog stops on her blog tour!!! Woo Hoo! For a list of her blog stops and places to find these sneak peaks go to her blog at
So now the answer to your burning question..... How can I win an Ecopy of this fabulous book?????????????
Easy! Leave a comment at the bottom of this post! Don't forget yo leave your email addy!!! I will announce the winner here on Friday the 25th.... that's right Black Friday. I figure you'll be shopping for others so why not get something for you? ;)
So that's it Peeps! You can find Cold Blood (and Dirty Blood) at smashwords, amazon and BN!!! Grab your copy today!

I want to give a huge shout out to Heather for publishing her second book! Congrats girl, I wish you all the best in your publishing adventure!!!
Now go leave a comment to enter to win!!!


  1. Katy S said...:

    This sounds like a pretty cool book, and not only because you're in it ... :-) Thanks for the giveaway

  1. Vivien said...:

    Loved the excerpt! I got my hands on Dirty Blood and devoured it. Cannot wait for this book!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  1. The book sounds amazing! I'm so intrigued! Happy birthday, COLD BLOOD! And thanks for the giveaway!


  1. Nice!!! I love the cover. <3 Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    claroxide AT yahoo DOT co DOT in

  1. Sayomay said...:

    XD Ive been wanting to read this series! I just ordered dirty blook from amazon!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  1. Diana said...:

    It sounds great and the cover is very beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  1. Cambria said...:

    What fabulous entries!! Thank you all to have entered so far!! You rock!

  1. This book was amazing! I had no idea Cambria was based on someone else. She was my favorite character in the book!

  1. Thank you for the great giveaway can't wait to read Cold blood loved the first book! Great post thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance!

  1. Ooooo... I want to read this!!!

  1. I just went and bought the first book.

  1. Sara said...:

    I'm gonna have to go scrounge for the first book because this will be a great read! I'm curious about Wes and Wood Point now. Such a tease!

  1. Nikki said...:

    Wow! That is an awesome story! I would love to be a character in a boom...its almost as good as writing one. LOL! Congratulations! This book sounds amazing and I am totally with you on the were love! Great giveaway!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    oOo This looks good (and not just because Cambria is in it!) Sign me up!

  1. Aleina said...:

    I just read Dirty Blood about a week ago and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to read this one too. Really wish I will win since I'm unable to buy it as ebook cause I live in Finland...

  1. anaavu said...:

    Oh my gosh I love the cover! Congrats Heather! So sad I missed the giveaway

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