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Thursday, July 14, 2011

In honor of Werewolf Week I thought I would share some of my opinions with you all about "the way I see" a werewolf. Actually they aren't opinions they are rules. You didn't know that there are rules for writing a good werewolf? Well now you do. So read on and learn something, you might even actually agree.
                                            Rules for a Werewolf

1. Girls are NOT werewolves. They just aren't. It isn't manly.

2. They are not cute in wolf form. They are not giant dogs. In wolf form they are UGLY. But that doesn't mean that they aren't hot in human form. :) Want to see an example of a pettable werewolf? Here ya go:

This is Jake in Twilight. While I am totally Team Jacob and I liked this movie, i do think that this is an example of what a werewolf isn't. He looks like a big dog.  A good example of a true werewolf is the photo at the begining of this post.

3. They can change form at any time! They do not have to wait for the night ofthe full moon. A werewolf is always a werewolf, the moon may make their primal instincts more hard to control but they can change at will. It is also in my opinion that werewolves will change when intense emotion gets the better of him. Anger, fear, danger and love are all powerful emotions that can bring on the change.

4. They CANNOT talk in wolf form. They are wolves, they don't speak like humans. It just isn't something that happens. :) The growl and drool.

5. The seasons do not affect them. I have a book (okay, its Shiver and Linger) that the turn of the season (from cold to hot) is what turns the wolves. This is not true. They turn at will. Werewolves are hot blooded and are not affected by the cold.

These are my main 5 rules when writing about a werewolf. Now, I do have others but they are being saved for my werewolf series that I have written. (I can't give away all my secrets!) Someday you might see it on the shelves and I hope you all read it. The first book in the series is called GLACIER. But that is all I will say about that until it actually gets published.

In honor of werewolf week I would like to post a few pictures of some of the hottest and most favorite werewolves out there. So look below for your veiwing pleasure!

This is Alcide from True Blood. Admittedly I do not watch True Blood (i have seen the first season and a half but I am too cheap to spring for HBO) but this guy is a favorite amongt paranormal fans everywhere and I can totally see why!!

Indeed, It hurts so good.

Now here is our favorite wolf from Twilight the one that made everyone ga ga over paranormal in the first place:
And here is one of his wolf pack, although I will say that I wasn't that impressed with any of them....

And then there is Tyler from the Vampire Diaries! I really love this show so I had to add my man Tyler:
(Sorry ladies I couldn't find any other pics of Tyler, but I will keep looking!!)

And then I will add one last shot of my personal favorite at the moment. Another pic of Derek from Teen Wolf!

This what a hunky werewolf is all about!

Now you have all read my werewolf rules and seen some of the most popular wolves out there. Did I forget one? Do you completely agree/disagree on my rules? Leave me a comment and we can dicuss this further....
It is after all my favorite subject!


  1. *wiping drool from my chin*

    I don't exactly agree with all your rules (I'm up for the "big dog" werewolf type), but I sure do appreciate your illustrations ;-)...

  1. Cambria said...:

    Thanks for stopping by and illustrations make all rules much better! LOL

  1. BJ said...:

    Consider me your backup singer! Well, except for #3... I prefer a compromise: weres that can shift into full wolf form OR partial (as in your first pic). Ability to shift partially/speak MUST relate to dominance/self-control. (My rule. LOL) 'cause it's the self control that makes werewolves so damn sexy...

    Loving werewolf week! Keep it coming!

  1. Cambria said...:

    Ahhh it is the self control that makes them sexy! And also that primal look in their eyes..... Oh yeah i will keep werewolf week going and it will probably make a return in a few months!! LOL

  1. Jenn said...:

    LMAO, you freaking crack me up.
    I agree with most of your rules except one....I really like Werewolves that I can pet!
    I bet it really peeves you when you read the stories where the guy changes into his oh so furry form and licks his girl on the face while she scratches him behind the ear....lol

  1. Cambria said...:

    Okay i would like to pet one too. It doesnt really drive me crazy because it is cute but i kind of think that if the girl can scratch him behind the ear and love him when he looks scary as sh*** then that is real love right there!! I really got into twilight and jacob but i just thought he should be scarier. Lol.

  1. Phil said...:

    Sorry Cambria, you've wrong. Of course we have female werewolves. They're an important part of the pack. We can mate in either form, but if the female is pregnant she'll lose her litter if she becomes human. Likewise if she's human and pregnant.
    That can cause difficulties, having to remain in one shape for so long. And not all the offspring inherit the shape-shifting gene.

  1. Phil said...:

    Cambria, do werewolves eat chickens, or is that only foxes?

  1. Cambria said...:

    Phil- thats an interesting take on female werewolves you have! Thanks for sharing that! And i think werewolves eat chickens..LOL

  1. Hey cuz, Jacob was not actually a werewolf, so the rules wouldn't apply to him :) He was a shape shifter, it was just that his tribe, that's what they decided to shift into when they got their ability was what a real wolf, would look like ( just a lot bigger and stronger) :)

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