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Monday, July 11, 2011
So I have decided that this week is going to be Werewolf Week here at The Unlocked Diary! We kicked Monday off with Red Riding Hood and today is all about Teen Wolf! Yes, its a TV show, but I love it and I can do what I want! LOL. You're going to love it to. I promise. I've got tons of pics and stuff to share so hang around for a bit and find out why yours truly loves the wolf so much.
Oh and might I add that tonight at (pm (eastern time) we will be discussing Werewolves on JournaJabber, the blog radio talk show that I co-host. So if you have time check it out! Here's the link:

Now, let's get on with Teen Wolf!!

Title: Teen Wolf
Format: MTV Series 2011
Genre: Paranormal
Time slot: New episodes air every Monday night at 10 pm (on MTV)
Starring: Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, and a bunch of other people

Here’s a first for me. A review of a TV series. But in honor of The Wolf and my impromptu Werewolf Week I decided to take a moment (or two) to discuss my show of the summer. And be warned I will most likely fill this blog up with photos of the raging hotties from this show!
So, who out there is watching? If you aren’t you should be! And you can catch up on everything you missed. All you have to do is watch the shows online or download them to itunes! Want a little taste of this hairy goodness? Here’s the link to the trailer:
So let’s get on with the discussion and brighten up this Tuesday with a little paranormal tastiness.
Teen Wolf is basically a remake of that old movie starring Michael J. Fox and the sequel with Jason Bateman. I have seen the movie with Michael J. Fox and let’s face it…it’s cheesy. LOL. So when I heard about this show I was extremely skeptical and also because it’s on MTV. I’m thirty years old here people (Gasp! I really am that old and don’t I look good for my age? Hehehehe) so I don’t watch MTV anymore. Besides they do shows like Teen Mom or whatever that is and I think that is just wrong. I think it just makes teen girls think if they get pregnant they could be on MTV and be cool. But that’s just my opinion and it has nothing to do with Werewolf Week.
So anywhoo, let’s just say I thought the show would be stupid.
I knew fifteen minutes in that I was sooo hooked.
Oh yeah. Totally hooked. It’s right up there on my list, just under Vampire Diaries (Hello-O Damon!)
So what is it that I like so much? The Wolf of course!
It starts out with this kid, Scott, at high school. He’s a regular guy, kind of a dork. Which I happen to love the irony here. He plays sports but sits on the bench and he carries an inhaler everywhere he goes. (oh yes, he does) He has one good bud named Stiles who’s Dad is like the chief of police.
So Scott and Stiles go into the woods to search for this guy who apparently died (they are looking for the body). Of course they go at night and they are walking through the darkened, misty woods and you know that something is stalking them, you are practically dying to catch a glimpse of the wolf…
Then Scott pulls out his inhaler. Totally hot, right? NOT. But it was hilarious. I liked the fact that such a nerdy guy could morph into something so…primal. And then it happens… Scott ol’ buddy gets bit. Yup. Suddenly his body starts to change and he can’t figure out why…well, it’s because he’s a werewolf now!
He lets Stiles in on the secret but keeps it from the new hot girl in school, Allison. She must be attracted to that inner animal (who wouldn’t be?) and soon they are making out all over the TV. But don’t worry it isn’t gross. Or overdone.
Too bad for Scott that Allison’s Daddy is a werewolf hunter.
*Sigh* Fine, it isn’t original but damned if it isn’t entertaining.
Then Scott meets, Derek, another werewolf (and this guy is smoking hot! For reals) Want proof?? You got it:

See, I told you.
Derek teaches Scott a little about what’s going on. But Derek has got a bag full of secrets of his own and the viewer wonders if he can be trusted and just how naughty he has been… Then he tells Scott that the Alpha is looking for him, the Alpha wants Scott to join his pack…
But this Alpha is not nice.
What fun would it be if he were?
And that brings me to my favorite part of the show. The Werewolves! I was kind of thinking that MTV was going to be cheap and put big snarling dogs on screen and try and pass that off but they didn’t. They went and got themselves a real werewolf.
And I’m not talking a pretty werewolf like in Twilight (not that there is anything wrong with Jacob) but, to me, this is what a real werewolf would look like. They are just darn creepy looking. It makes me giddy with excitement. The first shot of one was in the forest, in the fog and it was just its form walking through the night…it looked like a spider! Oooh, the way its legs bent out as it almost crawled over the ground…it was perfect. I was in love.
And Tuesday’s show (July 12) was the best! This wolf was scary! At least I thought he was. Well, he isn’t going to give me nightmares but it was for sure a credible werewolf. Its eyes are red and its teeth are crowded and dripping and the way it moves…so inhuman. It is cunning and while it is NOT human it still retains just enough of that humanness to be truly creepy.
It’s good stuff.
And the way it stalked Stiles and Scott through the school was good. Sure some parts were like “yeah, right, that would not happen” but hey let it go…it’s a TV show and if you let yourself get into it you will have an awesome time.
And in addition to the spidery moving wolf there is the romantic element. Scott and Allison make a great couple and I am rooting for them…but after tonight…I am seeing some things I do not want to see!! I must watch next week to see what happens! You must watch too!
So what have we learned here today? Werewolves are hot. Teen Wolf is actually a good show. And MTV did good. So are you looking for a good summer show to watch? How about a way to perk up a bland Monday night? Give Teen Wolf a shot. You might find yourself as obsessed with werewolves as me.
Okay, maybe not but you will have a good time! And the next time a full moon is out I bet you look over your shoulder when a shadow passed behind you…

You just got chills didn't you??

Here's a pic of the cast:


  1. BJ said...:

    Werewolf week? *squee* I'll have to join your crowd of stalkers, but don't worry, I'm here for the wolves. ;)

    How did I miss the existence of this show? Oh, wait, I'm 30 too and don't watch MTV. LOL And I teach a class every Monday night. Will have to check the internets for online episodes...

  1. Cambria said...:

    Girl...find you remote and check this show out!! Its pretty cool!
    So glad you are enjoying werewolf week!! Its my most favorite week here at the blog so far!! I will be posting pics probably everyday or nearly everyday so chexk bad for more hairy hottness! LOL. And MTV shows reruns of thia show a lot so u might be able to catch it another night! But u can watch online and download them to itunes!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  1. I stumbled on Teen Wolf b/c we DVRd the Teen Choice awards or whatever MTV awards MTV had on last...

    I kinda don't care much for the way Scott looks when he is in wolf form. Is it just me??

    Derek is by far the best eye candy on the show--he better not disappear! ;-)

    And, when the heck is Scott just going to tell the girl what is going on????? After she finds out the family biz and wants to kill him???

    I love Stiles too... I think I have a weakness for the nerdy, funny guys ;-)...

  1. Cambria said...:

    Ah yes girl! Scott in wolf form is a little odd for me too. I definitely prefer the look of the alpha and Derek. I think sometimes Scott is a hottie and sometimes not as much! But i do like him on the show bc i think he is a good balance between a teenager and a wolf. And i totally agree that derek is the hottie of the show!! I cant wait to catch a glimpse of the alpha that has been prowling around!
    I thought Scott might finally tell Allison last night then he didn't!! Agh! I hope he tells her and i hope she sides with him over daddy. :) but now it looks luke some other dude may be moving in.....Uh-oh! Lol

  1. Mysti said...:

    Wow, hadn't even heard of this one. Though I'm quite fond of Alcide in True Blood. Rawr!


  1. Cambria said...:

    Rawr to you too!! This show is worth a gander!! And i ahve been hearing quite a lot about thus Alcide...i am very intrigued! I only watched the first season and part of the second so far on true blood so i am behind. :( i need to catch up!!

  1. I'm actually watching this too. I can't wait to see what happens next with the Alpha.

  1. Cambria said...:

    I cant wait either!! Do you think the alpha is someone we might already know??

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