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Friday, July 15, 2011
Hey guys! In honor of Werewolf Week I have cooked up something special! My very first Guest Blogger! Jenn from Indie Supporter is dropping by today with a fabulous review of a werewolf book that I have yet to read! (Yes, I can hear you gasping. I am gasping too.)

But before we get to the review let's learn a little something about Jenn.

Here she is:

Yes I know, she is very pretty.

Jenn has recently started a new blog http://indiesupporter.blogspot.com/ and it is looking great! You should check it out and follow her!

Here's a little about her in her own words:

I truly believe that sarcasm is a form of art that is under appreciated.

I love fountain coke and putting bottles of coke in the freezer until they become slushies.

Reading, writing, animals, music, my family and most importantly my son are my passions in life.
I am a huge indie supporter and my favorite group on Good Reads is Creative Reviews because they rock my face off.
Now, let me share a little secret about Jenn....SHHH. And this is really going to SHOCK you.....
She isn't that into shapeshifters. GASP!!!!!!
How could I of all people enable this kind of behavior? Well, it isn't easy. But, I, being the open minded, generous gal that I am figure that it is my duty to bring a broad range of opinions to my followers. So there ya go. But she does like this werewolf book, so if someone who doesn't "do" shapeshifters (i know, it blows my mind to. It's actually hard to say) likes this book then you most certainly will too. So without further ado here's the review!

Normally the supernaturals followed the human laws and didn't cause any trouble, but when they crossed the lines, they called me.'

In Luna's Sokjans an urban fantasy, McKenna a witch, werecat who has trained all her life to be one thing, a Sokjan. She has just finished a very difficult case, involving the murder of a young girl and a compulsion demon. When she is called to help Gabriel, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, find three missing female packmates, her life will change forever. Is Gabriel her one true mate and how does a mysterious thousand years old spirit fit into the picture? When an enemy from for past wants to rekindle their deadly game of blood. She will have to figure out how to do her job and deal with the new emotions that Gabriel has awakened in her, but is Gabriel ready for the dark magic filled world that she lives in? Together they will have to deal with spirits, witches, werecats, demons, each other and the threat of an ancient vampire.

While I don't enjoy books about shape shifters, I enjoyed this one immensely.
The beginning was a bit choppy, I think that McKenna's past could have been told in flashbacks instead of taking over the first part of the book but that was the only drawback of the book to me.
Once the story got underway, it flowed beautifully and I loved it.
McKenna started out angry and dark and Kerry effortlessly transformed her into a hilarious character with heart but without making her weak and mushy which I think is a huge feat and one that made me love the story even more.
McKenna kept her @ss kicking personality throughout it all and maintained a female heroine force to be reckoned with.
In short, the book was awesome!

It was published in 2010 and as of yet there is still no sequel which really kills me because I thoroughly enjoyed the story that Davidson wrote.
I have looked everywhere for news on both the sequel and the author.
I have searched Goodreads, Smashwords and Facebook.
Her last posting was in April on Facebook where she said that she was working through book two and looking for some people to review it for her.

I have left comments everywhere but to no avail.
I am dying to read the sequel and think that Kerry Davidson shows very promising talent with just this one book that was able to captivate me.

In short, I recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal even if they don't care for shifters. (Sorry, Cambria ;)
I know i have let the cat out of the bag that this is a series and no sequel as of yet but I'm not giving up hope yet and I really do encourage you to check it out.
If anyone can help in my effort to locate this author (no stalking) and BEG her to finish book two, I would greatly appreciate it!
I want to thank Jenn for stopping by and being part of Werewolf Week! Don't forget to stop by her blog and follow! Keep an eye out you may see her around here again!
I also want to take a moment to tell everyone my plans for the final day of Werewolf Week (Sunday). I know, I am sad its over too. But, I have a feeling that WW week will be back!! Sunday I will be posting a review of Dirty Blood  (yup, another fab werewolf book) and an interview with the author Heather Hildenbrand. I will also kick off a giveaway for an ebook of Dirty Blood which will run through Wednesday. I will announce the winner of Thursday! Be sure to check it out so you can enter for a chance to win.
And since it will be the final day...I will give you what you all know you want...more pics of hot werewolves, LOL.
Okay, Okay....Here is one:

Got any ideas for who you would like to see a pic of? Did i miss someone? Drop me a line and tell me!!


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