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Friday, November 4, 2011
Hey Peeps!
We busted through another week and I have got something super glittery, something super shiny for you to brighten up your day!! Jenn from Indie Supporter is here today with a completely random post. That's right, Random. She is going to be telling us all about her love of sparkly, glittery things! There are even pictures!! LOL.
So get out your sunglasses and have some fun!

First off, let me do my usual GUSHING THANK YOU to Cambria for letting me use her blog, AGAIN!
You seriously are such an amazing chick and I heart the heck outta ya!!!
Get your sunglasses ready people, this is gonna be one bright post! Today’s random post is about my love for things that sparkle (Except Vampires, Sorry Meyer). That’s right, I said it, things that sparkle. I’m not a really big girly girl but this one stereotype does fit me, I can be distracted by things that glitter.

This love goes back to when I was a tot and has always stayed with me. I love me some diamonds and love some Swarovski crystals. What about rhinestones you ask? Well, those are ok but they aren’t the same as crystals, because they don’t sparkle as brilliantly. I’ll give you an example later as a case in point.

While I have always had this love of things that sparkle, I’ve kinda been in the closet so to speak because it’s not always been so fashionably acceptable to be all crystalled out. Now, I am busting down that door and watching the glitter spray everywhere!
 I can’t deny or hide it any longer.

I was so excited when I started my part time job a few months ago and I saw that chicks were ALL OVER the rhinestone scene. It’s EVERYWHERE! T-shirts, jeans (Miss Me jeans are so gorgeous btw, nothing hotter than a bedazzled butt) shoes, hats, hair pins, headbands, jewelry, EVERYTHING!!!

At first, I was a little gun shy, I mean I am 25, can I really pull it off at MY age? (ok, fine add 5 more years and that’s how old I am) Then , I said, “Screw it! I’m gonna start bling blangin all over this joint!”
I was like a dog with a big fat bone and went so far as to take a trip to Hobby Lobby (best place for this stuff) and get some do it myself tools. NO, I did not get a bedazzler contrary to belief of many members of Creative Reviews. I wonder if they even still make those……..bedazzlers, I mean. I went and got the BEST supplies that I could find and afford.
E6000 is the BEST glue on the market for all your crafting needs, this stuff makes super glue look like flour and water.

I got a pick me up stick which one side is is like this putty type substance that helps you pick up the little jewels for placement, the other side has a sharp point that doubles as a weapon and flip that over for a slanted side to push the little buggers down.

I got several packages of the not so cheap Swarovski crystals and some rhinestones just for good measure. Off to work I went, I started with a black leather bracelet. ..

The top of the bracelet consisted of bigger crystals than the bottom and took about a hour to do.
Just in case you were wondering, here’s the size of the smaller ones I did for the bottom AND my name tag.

I hate that the picture doesn’t do it justice cause this bad boy BLINGS!!!!! I get A LOT of compliments on it but not as much as I do my name tag that took almost 2 HOURS!!!!

I’m telling you, if the light hits this thing just right it will BLIND you and I gotta say, I LOVE IT!!!!!
And so, I went off to try out the rhinestones before I finished and what I am about to show you is why rhinestones most often than not, can NOT be compared to crystals……

Yep, that’s right, it’s a shampoo bottle. I travel a lot and so I wanted to be able to tell the difference from my shampoo, conditoner and bodywash…..ok fine, it gave me a good excuse to try out my new found skills too. The reason why I don’t like the rhinestones as much is because as you can hopefully tell, they are rather dull.There’s not that sparkle that I so long to see and takes my breath away. I hope that when I go to heaven, God sees fit to have a pair of Swarovski wings waiting for me, cause that would just be the ULTIMATE!!!!
Anyway, that’s how my love for things that glitter began and have become the subject of many jokes around “group”. Before I go, let me share with you a few more pics of some of my favorite things….PPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE?
Here is a pic of a cowgirl hat that I have yet to wear.

Yes, it’s on my son’s koo koo bird.

OH MY GOSH, and here is a pair of the most AWESOME shoes EVER!!!!
Seriously, the are called sunflower box or something like that and they are the most comfortable shoes EVER! I live in these shoes as you can tell as the name is now worn plum off.

Last but not least my recent aqusition:
This, ladies and gentlemen (if you are still reading) is a pic of a rhinestone belt.
There is a underlying joke to this belt.
See, my ex showed up one day all cowboyed up complete with a belt…with..RHINESTONES!!!
Yep, I said it, a rhinestone belt ON A GUY!!!!!
I was shocked to say the least and thought to myself, what the hell? I don’t even own one of those and I love that stuff. So, I found one and bought it to show him how belts like that should be worn……ON GIRLS!!!!! And that my friends, is how my love for all things bedazzled began and continues to do this day.
But wait, it’s not over yet, I know you are thinking, “Seriously? What more could this chick have?”
Well I have quite a few more things and Cambria is being gracious enough to let me do a two parter for this story.

I actually found a store that caters to my obsession and yes I frequent it. My next post will be about said store and some of the most AMAZING pieces that I have bought there.Until next time, here is a teaser of what you will be seeing….

As you can see, the white tiger is an AMAZING bracelet and the other two pieces are GORGEOUS headbands!
Thank you so much for letting me take over your blog for this post, Cambria and thanks to everyone who read this through till the end! J
(In case you are wondering, yes I do use moderation and only wear like 2 pieces at once)

 Thanks to a blinged out Jenn for being here today! So for all my peeps out there, do you like to wear a little sparkle? If you do when and where and how? What is your favorite sparly something to wear?


  1. I always knew she was bright....get it? Fine, I'll work on it.

    that was a good post but while I think I am man enough to pull off a pink shirt, I do not think I could pull off a blinged out posterior. So, I shall have to take this post with a grain of salt.

    (I just got a really bad mental image of me in blinged out jeans...walking away from the mirror...)


  1. I don't know Splitter...if you post pics of a glittery, blinged out posterior, I'd bet visitors would click away by the thousands! lol

    Really fun post, Jenn. :) One of my daughters LOVES the sparkly stuff too...and anything zebra-ish. A sparkly zebra would suit her just fine!

  1. Jenn said...:

    Lol, you guys crack me up!
    Can you believe those sandals I've worn for 2 year just flipping flopping broke?
    E6000 to the rescue!

  1. I love the shoes and the travel bottles! Thanks! I am a new follower from Network Your blog (thx for visiting my blog!. Growing Old With Grace

  1. anaavu said...:

    LOL I had to show this to my sister she had a "Hallelujah" moment. She adores all things sparkly :D

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