Vampire Diaries Countdown!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Hey Peeps!

You have heard me say it a million times. Just in case you weren't around for one of those million times I will say it again:
      I am a HUGE fan of the Vampire Diaries on CW.
I have been watching the show since it's arrival two seasons ago and I love it more and more with every episode. I have to give props to the writers of that show because they know their bidness. lol.
And of course, there's my favorite vampire EVER. You know who I'm going to say don't ya??
Uh-huh, its Damon.
       He has got to be one of the hottest men on TV, he's so bad yet sooo good too.

So this week I am gearing up for Thrusday nights Season Premiere. That's right peeps, it airs this Thursday night at 8 pm on the CW. Right after the series premiere of The Secret Circle comes on, another show I fully intend to check out, so I may post about that as well.

But today is all about the Vampire Diaries....
I've got the trailer for this Thrusday's episode and a few more videos to refresh your memory of seasons past. So let me stop babbling so you can start drooling over the hottness....

Here's a little Sneak Peak at this thursday's episode:

As you can tell, this season is not going to disappoint!!!

And here's a little clip where Nina Dobrev AKA Elena talks about her many roles on the show:

Here's a little look back on some of season two's great moments:

And if that wasn't enough to get you excited about Thrusday here's another little teaser that I especially like because Damon looks so hot. LOL. And yeah, okay, Stefan is hot too.

Now tell me those little videos didn't get you excited. Tell me that your Tuesday isn't a little hotter....

Tell me who your favorite character is on the show and what you want to see most of this season. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow when I will be posting even more juicy tidbits about the show and the actors (and actresses) we have come to love!


  1. Jenn said...:

    nerd...jk ;)
    Ill be watching Grey's on Thursdays starting the 22.
    That is the only tv show i watch that i will NOT go without.

  1. anaavu said...:

    Lol I can't wait either!

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