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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Hey peeps!
As you know we are getting closer to the VD premiere on CW. In fact, its tomorrow!!!
So for those of you who don't watch it but might want to check it out I have a run down of the most important characters and their roles on the show.
For those of you who already watch the show enjoy the pics of the hot cast. Seriously, it must be a prerequisite that the peeps on this show be insanely good looking.

First up we have Damon (did you really think i would put anyone else first?)

Damon- He is brother to Stefan and a kick ass vampire. He eats people, a lot. He will kill without blinking (and often does) no one really likes him but everyone respects him and whenever there is a crisis they go to him because he gets the job done. When it comes to Elena, he will do whatever it takes to keep her alive. He also happens to be in love with her. But for some INSANE reason she wants to be with Stefa instead. Which, by the way only makes Damon meaner. And that's why we all love him. 

Stefan- Brother to Damon and Vamp. He doesn't eat people. He eats squirrels and animals. It makes him slightly weaker than his brother Damon and all other Vamps that eat people. But when he drinks human blood he becomes crazy. (which frankly is a lot hotter than when he eats squirrels) He always tries to do the right thing and he is also in love with Elena. Although, at the end of ast season he ate a whole bunch of human blood (and even a person!!) because Klaus made him in order to save his brother Damon from dying from a werewolf bite.

A little note about these brothers: they have a love hate relationship. They love each other but they fight a lot and sometimes they don't trust each other. Right in the middle of them is Elena who is just below: 


Elena- She's the girl in the middle of everything. Both borthers love her and try to protect her because everyone keeps trying to kill her. Bothe her parents are dead, but it turns out she was actually adopted and her real dad is actually her uncle, who is a real sleeze bag. Her real mother was once married to Alaric and then later turned into a vamp by (who else?) Damon, but now she's dead. She is known as the Doppleganger, and looks exactly like Katherine, a vampire who Stefan and Damon fought over a couple hundred years ago.

Bonnie- Elena's BFF and also a witch. She is the most powerful witch because they found some burial ground where a bunch of witches were killed and the witches then gave Bonnie all their power. Bonnie makes lots of sacifices to protect Elena. She is now dating Jeremy, Elena's younger brother.

Jeremy- Elena's younger brother. He is hot. Yup, and is now dating Bonnie. BUt he used to date Vicki, Matt's sister, who got turned into a vamp (yup, by Damon) and then Damon killed her cause she was eating everybody and had no vampire manners. Then Jeremy dated Anna, yup another Vamp but she got killed too. Last season he died and Bonnie brought him back to life and now it seems that he is seeing ghosts, more specifically, ghosts of all his dead exes.

Caroline- Good Friend to Bonnie and Elena. She got turned into a vampire by Katherine (old evil vamp) and Stefan taught her how to live and not be a killer. Stefan and Damon and Caroline have special rings that allow them to walk in the sun. Caroline was dating Matt, but she kept wanting to eat him so she dumped him for his protection. Then she started gettin close to Tyler (a hot werewolf) but then Matt wanted her back. Well it turns out Matt doesn't like the fact the she is a vamp so he dumped her.

Matt- he is an all american guy. His sister is dead (vicki) and his mom left him. He is all on his own and doesn't want nothing to do with  no vamps.

Tyler- He's a werewolf, he's in love with Caroline and he's totally hot. Enough said.

Alaric- He is a vampire hunter and also used to be married to Elena's birth mother. He was in love with Jenna and then Klaus killed her. He is a surprising alliance with Damon and Stefan. He and Damon are usually together even though they prolly won't admit to being friends. Now that Jenna is dead Alaric is going to watch over Elena and Jeremy because they have no one else. Alaric is also a high school teacher.

Klaus- He's like the oldest vampire ever, an origianl. He's bad, evil and he is corrupting Stefan to be bad too. Which is fun. He's also hot and has a major agenda. He killed Jenna, alaric's woman and Elena and Jeremy's aunt. He tried to kill Elena and he'll prolly try and kill her again. He's a new addition to the cast for season 3.

So there you have it peeps! That's the Down low on the VD cast! Who's your favorite and what are your predictions for Season 3?


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