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Monday, July 18, 2011
So, hey guys! Happy Monday! The contest for the free Dirty Blood ebook is still going thru Wed so please sign up and read the hilarious interview with the author.
But I wanted to shift focus for a few minutes...my family got a new member over the weekend and I thought I would share her with all of you. :)
This is Cocoa, she is 8 weeks old tomorrow and a hybrid of a Chihuahua and a Yorkie.

We are loving her to death! Anywhoo, just thought I would share her and make everyone smile on this Momday!


  1. BJ said...:

    Wow, the werewolves this week are...smaller.

    ;) She's adorable!

  1. Cambria said...:

    LOL!! Thank you! Mini werewolves...too cute!

  1. OMG Cambria she is so sweet, I always wanted a small dog, one that fits right on your lap lol, instead I got a 100 pound Lab, love him just the same but so does not fit on my lap lol, although he likes to think he does, ugh, keep the pics coming congrats on your new addition and have fun with her. :)

  1. Cambria said...:

    Thanks Nat! I have always had big dogs too! We also have a retriever/chow mix who is 75 pounds. Never had such a little thing but sh really is sweet!

  1. So so so cute! She looks like you could put her in your pocket and carry her around with you. I WANT!! :)

  1. Cambria said...:

    Yeah she is tiny and adorable. I want to take her everywhere I go. :)

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