Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011
This is what your good eats look like before Thanksgiving day----------->

And this is what it looks like on the day of Thanksgiving........


Today in honor of Thanksgiving I am going to do a special post! I have emailed a bunch of friends and fellow bloggers and asked them what they are thankful for this year and what their favorite holiday tradition is. Some answered one and some answered both... a few included a picture of themselves or of their loved ones...... I even made it a pretty orange color:

I am thankful for my wonderful family and good friends new and old.
Cooking up loads of delicious food and spending time with loved ones.
 ~ Heidi Perman        

This year I am thankful for my family, especially my little girl who brings us so much joy.
~ Tricia Kristufek
This year I am thankful for my fiance, my book releases, my family and my friends.
My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my family on Christmas Eve, and going to mass and opening presents with loved ones on Christmas Day.
~ Beth Ann Masarik author of The World Among Us
This year I am thankful for my wonderful family. My husband to is so wonderful, supportive and my best friend. My children, who make life.. Lively and beautiful. You are my inspiration and ultimate drive to succeed! I do everything I do for my family! My mother, and brother… whom I’ve known all my life (who’d a thought!? Har-har!) I love you to pieces. And all my other family. I have created and continue to create memories and moments from everything we share together. MUAH. I am also happily thankful for fudge brownies, snickers caribou coffee, sunshine, my maman, a warm and loving house, puppies, kittens and miniature things (I just LOVE miniature things…SO ADORABLE..they make me smile), and my friends… past, present and future! CHeERs! J
 My favorite family holiday tradition is Deviled Eggs. Nuff said. MMMMM..
My amazing son, wonderful parents, my health and blessed to have met so many wonderful people online through blogs and Creative Reviews this year.
I'm thankful for my new friends who I smile when I see they have emailed me like you, Amy, Lizzy, Dafeenah and Splitter.
You are all so awesome!

My favorite holiday tradition thanksgiving wise is pulling the wishbone with my dad though he always get the wish. I think it's cause he's stronger.

"My favorite family holiday tradition is getting up early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, then cooking and eating all day, followed by some serious football watching!" 
~ Tish Thawer author
This year I am thankful for all the wonderful new friends I’ve made.
 My favorite family holiday tradition, well, I don’t have one. We are not that kind of family. On holiday we kind of get split up LoL,,, But we always call and msg each other. I have a little tradition of my own. On xmas eve of every year for the past 10 years or so, I seat with a big bowl of honey popcorn on my lap and watch the movies “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Christmas Carol”. I feel like I can change the world after it. J
~Elisandra Vargas Franzmann, book reviewer and friend.

My favorite family holiday tradition is: that my husband has taken over as official 'turkey day chef'. I don't have to spend all day in the kitchen - and he loves to cook so stop thinking I'm running slave labor over here!
~Heather Hildenbrand author of  Dirty Blood and Cold Blood

This year I am thankful for so many things. My kids and my husband and my family. My dogs and cats. This year has been such a great year for me. I started a blog and met so many wonderful people, supportive and friendly people. I am grateful for the chance to publish my novel and the chance to see my dream come true.

My favorite holiday tradition is looking through the black Friday ads on Thanksgiving morning and looking at all the things I probably won’t buy. LOL. I also love to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade.
~Cambria Hebert (ME!!!)

So what are you thankful for this year?

I wish you all the safest most joyus holiday that you can have. I hope your turkey is tasty and your pie is delish. I hope laughter rings through your home and the holiday spirit fills your chest until it might burst.

And if you plan to go shopping on Black Friday.....

 Remeber the rules.
#1 NO pushing and shoving (unless someone is trying to steal what you want)
#2 NO talking dirty to the sales lady or sales man (unless they are HOT)
#3 No speeding while driving (Unless you have somewhere you really must be)
#4 Be polite. (Unless someone else is actin a fool)
#5 Spend money (but not more than you make.... unless its on sparkly items....)



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