Storm Born, Issue #3

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Title: Storm Born Issue #3
Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Sea Lion Books
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Adult
Format: Paperback

The cloud of unanswered questions grows bigger in Issue #3 of the Storm Born Series. Eugenie Markham AKA Odile marches her fine redheaded self right into the otherworld, a dangerous place where peeps are up to no good and horny as hell. Something I have yet to discern. What is it that makes these people so ready for the tango? I mean sure, they’re men, but still. And why is it that they all seem to want Eugenie?
I think I may have discovered the secret or at least part of the secret, of why exactly everyone wants her. But I can’t tell you…because it’s a secret. And besides, what if I am wrong? (Did I mention that I am hardly ever wrong?) I think you should come to your own conclusion and then tell me what you think. We can compare secrets. (Note: I am only asking about this particular secret, the pertaining to Eugenie – no secrets about your granny panties that you wear to bed, okay?)
Oh, yeah, and about Aeson (one of the mighty, horny Kings) am I the only one who thinks he looks like Eugenie?? He didn’t seem as bad as everyone made him out to be either. Other than a real party animal – but I kind of expected him to be the kind that kicks butt first and asks questions later. But, hey, he must be a lover not a fighter (excuse me while I snicker).
I will say, that I was hoping that old mister fox would reveal himself in this issue because I am super excited for that. I think I know who that is…and I bet you do to. And those marks on Eugenie’s back….hmmmm…I like it. That’s all I can say about that.
I really liked the plot and how fast the story moved in this issue, there was something happening on every page which was very cool. I also enjoyed the illustration. The bright colors were kickin’ and interesting to the eye. Eugenie’s three “servants” were cool too and I loved their drawings and how they were represented. I also kind of liked the evil one Volusian, he was so vile and evil yet shorter than Eugenie. For some reason this amused me. I also kind of got the impression that he wouldn’t kill her as fast (oh wait excuse me “rip the flesh from her bones”) as fast as he said he would. It must be good having a baddie like that on your side. I think I might order one. Anyone have that catalogue lying around?
I can’t really say much more because that would give away the fun and then you wouldn’t want to read it. What a shame that would be. This is a good read. Its light and fun and a just a touch of a guilty pleasure.
So what would I suggest?
Get a copy. (Heck get all three issues) and then get some candy or chocolate (me? I’d rather just have the candy…sour patch kids anyone??) and stash this issue under the couch or in your bag. When the kiddies are at school or you are waiting for them to hurry on from wherever they have wrangled you to drive them, pull out this little secret read and enjoy. OR if you have a day job (ugh, you need to quit that already!) stash it in your desk and read it when your boss isn’t looking. If he catches you just show him Eugenie’s hotness and he’ll forgive you. If it’s a female boss…you’re out of luck (unless she has a thing for redheads…hehehehe).
Kudos to Sea Lion Books ( for putting out another great Issue, now hurry up and get the next issue out, I want answers and more action!!
So there you have it. My opinion.

Can't wait to see the Awesome that is this issue?? No worries, here's a little sneak peek at the first 6 pages!!

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A big thanks goes out to Cassie over at Gathering Leaves for putting together this slideshow and for sharing it with us!!!


  1. Jenn said...:

    How you make me laugh! I haven't read a "graphic novel" since I was a kid but I think you got me with this one...

  1. Katy S said...:

    I LOVE these graphic novels, and I especially love Eugenie's "servants" - especially the cute, happy-go-lucky Finn!

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