Free The Egg!! A Guest Post

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Apparently, our governement is keeping something from us.
Something that we all really need.
Today, Jenn, a fabulous friend of mine over at Indie Supporter (check out her rocking button on the right hand side of my page) is blowing the cover off the governement's biggest secret.
I thought that this was a fabulous Random post for the weekend!!  Jenn has cooked up a fun yet informative post. FREE MY EGGS!!!!
 Now before she tells us her secret let me give you her blog address so you can follow her.
I give you Secret Agent Jenn:
First off,  a big huge fat THANK YOU to my girlie Cambria for letting her use her most AWESOME blog to post things that are not book related.
As always, YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF and I heart you always!

Today’s subject is one that is trivial but serious to my taste buds.
Before I delve into the very serious matter, let me set the scene for you….

It was 1989, New Kids On The Block was the first concert I ever attended, MC Hammer had me wearing 7 day shi**er pants, Vanilla Ice was the first white rapper.
He and Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210 had men everywhere trying desperately to razor fine lines into their eye brows.
Slap bracelets were the bomb diggity, the bigger and higher the hair the better!
Don’t forget the Rave Mega hold hair spray!
This was the time of many fashion faux paus but back then, it was acceptable.

It was also the year the Berlin Wall came down.
I was living in Germany (My father was in the Air Force) and they were closing that base.
It was the first time I ever went into a bar (9 years old; yes I just dated myself), on a dare and felt so cool because I did it and didn’t get kicked out.
Europe is a lot more lenient on certain things.

But the one thing that sticks out for me the most was this:

This, my friends, Cambria’s friends, is the coveted and infamous Kinder Egg.  (kinder means : child in German)
The Kinder Egg is chocolately goodness that majority of people in America have never gotten the chance to taste.
Nothing tops this mamma jamma of chocolates.
It is the smoothest, sweetest (without going overboard) chocolate you will EVER taste.
Cadbury, Dove, and dare I say it? Godiva. Yep, that’s right! Godiva!
I imagine that if the apple Eve ate, tasted or smelled anything like this, I know why she did it and can’t blame her.
I’m salivating as I type just thinking about it!

Living in Berlin, these were abundant and my most favorite treat in the galaxy.
(ok, so I haven’t left earth physcially but even if I did, NOTHING will compare to this!)
What the Kinder Egg consists of is a smooth chocolate shell with a thin layer of white chocolate.
Inside….aaaahhhh,…the inside was almost as good!
A little capsule that held a surprise.

It could be anything from a plastic toy to stickers.
Sometimes you even had to build your toy!
During Easter, they double the egg in size and NOW you can get toys to build that are almost a FOOT in length!
But, atlas, I will never know what it would be like to get such a toy.
I will never taste this sinfully amazing treat again. ;(

And here’s why:
At the post office at Ramstein Air Base in Germany behind the plate glass window of a locked display case are items that cannot, under any circumstances, be shipped to the United States: bullets, lighters, alcohol — and a lone, foil-wrapped chocolate egg.
The egg is a Kinder Surprise, a piece of hollow chocolate with a small toy hidden inside. It is popular around the world but banned in the United States under a 1938 law that prohibits embedding “non-nutritive” objects into candies.
Leslie Dannelly, whose husband is stationed at Ramstein, was shocked to find that she couldn’t mail home the eggs and, even worse, that when she and her family move back to Niceville, they might be forced to find a supplier for their favorite treats on the candy black market.
So she started a website, and a petition, and an all-out campaign to “free the egg” and get the law changed.
It’s ridiculous, Dannelly said.
If it’s concern about a choking hazard, she said, only about seven children have been reported choking on the eggs out of the billions sold.
“I don’t see how that is even a factor,” she said in a telephone interview from Ramstein. “My daughter choked on a croissant one time.”
Dannelly grew up with the eggs as treats when she lived abroad; her mother is from France and her father was in the Air Force.
But many people in the United States may have never tasted the eggs, so Dannelly offered a delectable description: Thin layers of delicious milk chocolate with a layer of white chocolate on the inside. Really high-quality stuff, not that “garbage chocolate,” she said.
But it’s the surprise that really makes the eggs special. Hidden beneath the chocolate, a plastic egg contains a toy.”

This is what I found when I had a craving a few weeks ago and Googled my beloved.
In today’s age, I thought for sure I could get it shipped to me here in the states!
I mean come on!
This is AMERICA!
I can order crap on Ebay from Japan and get it in two weeks!
But. Not. This.

Here is a little more on the article I found that prompted my outrage and thus, this post!

Dannelly isn’t the only one who wants to get the eggs to America. U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized nearly 25,000 of them last year, most of them from travel bags or mailed packages.
A Canadian woman was recently stopped at the border and had her Kinder egg confiscated, the Toronto Star newspaper reported. She was sent a seven-page letter asking if she wanted to relinquish the egg or face a $300 fine.
Post office workers told Dannelly they had a bucketful of the eggs returned after Christmas.
“I said ‘You guys ate them, didn’t you?’ They said ‘Yeah.’ I would have, too.”
Dannelly said she doesn't try to ship the eggs home anymore because of the campaign, but she has some "heathen" friends that still manage to slip some eggs past customs officials.
Dannelly’s website includes an online petition, which she eventually plans to send to Congress to try to get the law changed.
She has printed T-shirts, mugs and bumper stickers for the cause. They feature the Kinder egg logo with the egg’s smile turned upside down into a frown and a row of prison bars superimposed on top. She wears the T-shirt to her post office often and gets a lot of responses.
Looking at the egg trapped behind the glass at the post office was one inspiration for Dannelly’s campaign.
“It’s sitting there, banned, like it’s done something wrong,” she said. “Poor, little egg. You can come with me. I’m going to eat you, but you can come with me.”

Can you believe this nonsense?
I have done tons of research and this chick was totally right!
Our government is hard pressed to find a terrorist but damn it if they don’t find the eggs everytime!
What a load of crap!
I mean seriously, slap a label like you do everything else, America!
“Not for kids under the age of 3 or any dumba** that would try to eat the capsule too!”

Do you see the size of that capsule? Imagine trying to swallow it! I know I couldn’t!
Apparently and unfortunately a child has, but  blame the parents not the egg!
Ban the parents!
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my country but sometimes, the things that go on are just asinine!
So, in closing, I, of course went to to sign the petition and tweeted the event, IMPLORING you all to do the same!
I also tried to contact Mrs. Dannelly to see how the project was going but have not heard from her.
Maybe, she gave up, maybe the government got  to her to shut her up….I just don’t know.
All I do know is this, I WANT MY EGGS AND I WANT THEM NOW!
Maybe, Hershey’s is behind this…I think I might have to do a little more digging……
Please go to and sign!
Maybe, Mrs. Dannelly will resurface one day and continue to fight the good fight!
That, my peeps, is my rant post of the day!

Thank you again, Cambria!!!
I hope you sign the petition and if any of you are international and have access to these eggs…feel free to follow me on my blog,
We can “discuss” the issue…..$$$$ lol
Here are is a picture of what I would love to have in my pantry one day….

But we can't have them.
So what are your favorite treats that you can actually have?

Happy Saturday!
 I want to thank Jenn for being here today, to inform us all about what we are missing. It sounds like these little chocolate delights are fabulous.


  1. anaavu said...:

    Oh gosh I'm getting really hungry reading this post! but you're right, that's outrageous!! And by the way Cambira, you might want to change the link to Jenn's blog it's no blogspot

  1. Cambria said...:

    Thanks for stopping by!! This post does make you hungry!! I am so crazy! I knew jenns blog was a .com i am so usrd to typing blogspot i must have been on autopilot. Anyway, its been changed! Thanks!

  1. ROFL, this was good. I used to host German interns and they brought these things whenever they came. Heaven! The chocolate is AWESOME and the choking thing is a joke. Kids are smarter than that....might be a hazard to drunks and people tryin to impress their drunk friends.


  1. Cambria said...:

    Drunk ppl have to go and ruin it all for everyone! Hosting German interns sounds fun! How dis they sneak them into the country?

  1. Jenn said...:

    I got that song secret agent man in my head now'
    Except I hear it as secret agent Jenn. You crack me up

  1. Cambria said...:

    Lol. Glad to hv cracked u up. If u break open will thereb a prize inside??

  1. Hahaha free the chocolate!

  1. Jenn said...:

    Cam, ever the clever one aren't you? ;)

  1. Super funny post! So sad those little "would be" midnight snacks are being held captive. I suppose a top secret mission to rescue some could be organized...

  1. I'm in Germany right now & I looove Kinder eggs! Don't know what I'm going to do when I move! :(

  1. Dranea said...:

    So have they quit putting toys in cereal and Cracker Jacks too??

  1. Jenn said...:

    No dranea they haven't the hypocritical bastards! Well I think they have in cereal but not kids meals!!! God I get pissed just thinking about it!
    Heather- I would just love to chat with you about these eggs;)
    Splitter- must introduce me to your interns or save a few eggs for me.
    Aanavu- you rock for signing the petetion!
    Ottillie and Nora- thanks for checking this out and enjoying the post.

    Secret ageeeeennnttt Jenn

  1. Cambria said...:

    Thanks to all who stopped by-- the regulars ;) ans thw new peeps!! I appreciate u all! Heather- u will have to figure a way to smuggle them out!! Lol.

  1. Dafeenah said...:

    At the risk of getting non chocolate eggs thrown at me I shall make the ultimate sacrifice and eat two of these for you. lool thanks jenn for the info we have them over here in atlantis so I had no idea you all were so deprived

  1. Jenn said...:

    Dafeenah........I'm seriously contemplating what I am going to do to you......I'm just so very stunned by your atrocious may however make it up to me.
    I'll send you my mailing address and you can figure out what to send me to make things right.......

  1. Helllooo! I'm not dead and I haven't given up the Kinder Egg fight. I've just got three chicklets who had school kick in and a friend come over to tour Germany. (And I'm feeling kinda old and tired lately - can't be cause I'm old and tired. NOOOOOO.) If you haven't signed the petition, please, please, please go sign it! And spread the word. We need Kinder Eggs in the USA. I do believe it will bring unity and peace. Well, at least it'll give some happiness to little people and the big people who love them (and hide the eggs from them so they don't have to share. shhhhh)

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