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Monday, August 29, 2011
Hey Peeps!!
I have got a Monday buster for you!! Sea Lion Books sent me Pariah Issue #1 and #2 for review and I have the inside scoop on all things graphic novel! This series is fabulous and even if you haven't read a graphic novel before, you should definitely give them a try. They are fast, easy reads but they are fun!!!

And as an extra special monday treat I have the first 6 pages of both issues for you to preview! How awesome is that? I want to give a big shout out to Sea Lion Books for such an awesome chance!

Now without further ado, here are my reviews for Issues #2 and #3.
P.S. if you missed Issue #1 you can find my review in my previous posts.

Title: Pariah Issue #2
Author: Aron Warner and Philip Gellat
Illustrations by: Brett Weldele
Genre: Fantasy (graphic novel)
Format: paperback
Publisher: Sea Lion Books
ISBN: 9357372563

Lila is a Vitro, a super smart brand of human that the humans themselves created. Unfortunately, just as in the first Pariah issue the Vitro’s are being turned against, their super intelligence making them “freaks” and feared by everyone.
Lila thinks she and a group of Vitro’s have a good thing going at a scientific lab where they were hired to work on their most radical projects. But her good thing goes bad fast when the Vitros become the scapegoat of all things haywire.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going…
And that’s exactly what Lila does.  

Pariah #2 is another issue in what is a fast paced, entertaining ride. The issues seem to be following different members of the Vitros as they fight back at the world who turned against them.
Lila is a strong female protagonist whom every vitro around her looks to for leadership. It seems she has been set up, framed by the very people she thought she could trust. As it turns out the only people a Vitro can trust is another Vitro. And even then sometimes there is fighting amongst the ranks.
Beyond all the problems that come with being a Vitro, Lila has a few other problems that may seem more “normal” to us readers. She is a teenage girl and she worries about boys. Does Brandon really like her or is he just a guy having fun? And also…what use does dark matter have. (Okay, so maybe we can only relate to the boy troubles, I, for one, have no knowledge of dark matter…)
She has admirable traits like standing up for what she believes in (even against pig headed men!) and also not going down without a fight. I also like her sense of humor even in the midst of drama.
I like the story line and I am left to wonder about Franklin and what his role in all this be. I can’t wait for further issues to find out. I do hope that we find out soon. I would say that my only beef with the story – and it’s not really a ‘beef’ – it’s more of a surprise would be that I thought this issue would tell us more about the boy from issue #1. I wanted to know more about him, I liked him. Where is he? Did he get away??? I want to know. Not that Lila wasn’t likable too, she was…now I have two characters to wonder about. My only thoughts on this would be that perhaps all of these issues will lead us to a place where all the characters we love will meet up – and they will band together to kick some a**!! Yeah! (Note: these are only my hopes and dreams - they are not based on fact or premonitions…)
As always, I am surprised by how much of a story can be imparted with so few words. Art work goes a long way in these graphic novels and giving credit to the illustrator Brett Weldele is a must. You rock dude. Your art work creates a great atmosphere for the story and tells things that the words do not.
In all, I am really excited for the next issue in the Pariah series. What will happen to the Vitros? Will they get the justice they deserve or will they forever remain a pawn to the very humans who created them?
I will be waiting to find out.
So there you have it. My Opinion.
Issue #2 is fabulous. But if you aren't convinced by my review (really, you should have your head examined) then check out the first 6 pages:

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Issue #3
Title: Pariah Issue #3
Author: Aron Warner and Philip Gellat
Illustrations by: Brett Weldele
Genre: Fantasy (graphic novel)
Format: paperback
Publisher: Sea Lion Books
ISBN: 9357372563

Robert Maudsley can take one look at you and know your innermost desires.
Robert Maudsley knows exactly how to manipulate you into to doing what he wants.
Robert Maudsley is hungry.
Hungry for power, control and….food.
Beware of a man who has the mind of a genius and the hunger of a kid.
Because Maudsley is a kid.
He’s fifteen….
Going on 30.
The next installment of the hotter than hot graphic novel series Pariah is Issue #3. In this issue we get a real feel for what Aron Warner is doing. He’s setting up what is sure to be an amazing story. We get a different story line in each issue, plots that all run parallel together but work as standalone issues.
Issue #3 focuses on Robert Maudsley, a fifteen year old kid, who is anything but. He’s a Vitro. He is skilled at manipulating people into doing exactly what he wants when he wants it. His motivation is curiosity, and I might suspect an extreme case of boredom…after all when you’re a genius all the world is your playground.
Another tip about Maudsley…beware when he says he’s hungry….
I found this Issue really interesting and it made me think (scary, I know) about things on a different level that the other issues. This character made me in some ways understand why the humans are afraid of Vitros. Because the possibility is there for them to be bad, for them to use their great intelligence for exactly what Maudsley is using it for. I mean, as a human (yes, that’s me!) it is a scary thought. How do you fight someone like that? You can’t outsmart them? Often times you don’t even see their manipulation coming…
What to do? What to do?
The previous Issues of Pariah (#1 and #2) focused on characters that I see as good. Good guys in a bad situation, being hunted by the prejudiced humans…but Maudsley…doesn’t he deserve to be hunted? Or would consider him a victim? A victim of his birth, a victim of the same thing he is guilty of: manipulation. After all, would he even be the way he was if his genes had not been manipulated??
Hmmmm. It bears thought. Don’t you think?
This Franklin character is quite the puzzle as well. I cannot wait to see how he bands these misfit Vitros together and what his intentions ultimately are. Will they be good or bad? I haven’t yet made up my mind…but his involvement with Maudsley leads me to think that his plans are not going to be that of an angel.
As always, I will give props to the illustrator, Brett Weldele. You rock, dude!
I like the plot of these graphic novels. It’s a greater story being played out in installments - a few ingredients to a recipe (hey maybe I am hungry too…)
Read them and see what you think, what do you think the Vitros will do? Do you think the humans should be afraid?
No, excuse me while I go make a sandwich.
So there you have it. My Opinion.

And here's your sneak peak for Issue #3:

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I want to give a HUGE shout out to Cassie over at Gathering Leaves Reviews because without her I would not have been able to get those sneak peeks up on the blog. LOL. She made the slide shows and was generous enough to share them with me. So big THANKS go her way. Check out her blog, it is so beautiful, clearly she is good with a computer!

Now go forth and enjoy this Monday. Remember....Friday is only four days away. LOL. :) 


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