Thursday, August 4, 2011
Title: Limitless
Director: Neil Burger
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Format: DVD released July 2011
Rating:  PG-13
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbey Cornish

Eddie Morra is a writer with a book contract. But he has writer’s block. What’s a little writer’s block you ask? Well, it isn’t little when you haven’t even written one word.
Eddie’s girlfriend dumps him (well, he is a lazy bum) and he has really bad hair. (I mean seriously dude, do something with yourself!)
But his life changes when he runs into an old friend on the street. A friend who happens to be a drug dealer. (Now that’s a guy with connections!!)
Yeah, ‘cause drugs just make everything better. But this time, it actually might.
Eddie is introduced to NZT a little clear pill that has the ability to awaken the huge chunk of brain that no one uses. He’s skeptical but being that he is already a lazy bum he doesn’t have much to lose, so he takes the pill.
And his life changes.
Suddenly he is able to recall everything he has ever read or watched on TV. He can learn any language in one day, outtalk anyone in an intelligent conversation and suddenly has the drive for self improvement (Yes- finally he gets a haircut!). He also sits down and pounds out that novel. His editor can hardly believe her eyes.
In short, his abilities are limitless.
So he takes himself off to Wall Street where he begins to make millions of dollars. He catches the eye of a prominent and powerful business man and is offered a job. Everything is going great.
Until his supply starts to run low…
Surprise! Taking the wonder drug of the century has side effects.
Eddie soon learns that if he doesn’t take the drug he won’t be able to function and eventually he could die. So he has to figure out a way to never run out while keeping his new boss in the green. But there are some bad guys that find out Eddie’s secret to a limitless life. They want him to share his miracle drug, and they aren’t taking no for an answer. He is also being stalked by some creepy stalker and the police are hot on his tail.
As everything around Eddie unravels will he be able to hold onto his supply and his life long enough to find a way to get more?

What would you do if the potential for your life was limitless?

This movie was super interesting. For some reason I found myself relating to Eddie (played by Bradley Cooper). No, I am not a bum who lives in a filthy apartment, and I get my haircut regularly. And it is far beyond me how he got a publishing contract for a book that he didn’t even have one page written. But I am a writer too. And I recognized the “yeah, right” looks he got when he told his friends he was writing a book. In the beginning I got those looks too.
When an old friend offers him a pill and the possibility to beat his writer’s block, I’ll admit, I was curious just like he was. (Note: I have never done drugs, nor do I plan to) Well, except for that one time but I didn’t inhale… just kidding J. When he took the pill I found it fascinating the way everything in his way of thinking shifted. He seemed to take in every detail of his surroundings and he was lit from within with motivation to clean, write and better himself.
Frankly, sometimes I wondered how be able to process so much in such a short amount of time didn’t make him insane. But then again, I guess in some ways it did.
I thought Bradley Cooper did a good job portraying a guy who suddenly had full access to his brain. He did a lot of things and acted to the way I would think a lot of people in his position would. He was both parts full of himself over his new money and popularity but there was still part of his old self in there too. I liked the way that he was in awe of what NZT could do for him but he was also a little afraid of it. He had to make a lot of choices during the movie and I think I would have done a lot of the same things he did.
 The movie didn’t have things blowing up and giant robots or anything like that, but it did have really good special effects. When he took the NZT sometimes the viewer would feel as though they were looking through his eyes and seeing the world as he did. There was one part where things seemed to be in fast forward for him and he would walk from street to street, go from place to place and it seemed real and disorienting. When he ‘came to’ in the morning I really felt like I had been through what he had (without the guilt and hang-over effect).
The plot of this movie was really well thought out. While the idea of drugs isn’t unique, I think the idea of one that can open up your mind is. I think most people would be tempted (especially people like Eddie) to try the drug and of course, it is no secret that drugs are highly addictive.
I also think that it isn’t a stretch that people would want what he has especially when they see how rich and successful he is becoming. I find it intriguing that it isn’t just drugs that can bring you down and make you stupid, but any kind of drug (even ones that make you smart) has the ability to mess with your life. I mean, really, do you think that a drug like NZT would be worth the risk?
Would you risk your safety, your health, the safety of those you love for a drug that may make you rich but will most likely kill you before you can spend the money?
Limitless is as thought provoking as it is entertaining. Even my husband (who sleeps through almost every movie we watch) stayed awake. The movie keeps you guessing, leaves you wondering what Eddie will do next and how he will get out of the situations he finds himself in. The movie is face paced and a lot happens and you won’t be bored.
So tell me…what would you do if your potential, your life, suddenly became Limitless?


  1. Jenn said...:

    Drugs are bad mmmmkkkkaaayyy?
    Seriously, if it's too good to be true it is and I ain't signing up.
    Love the post though, you continue to crack me up and keep me engaged.
    And don't lie, you know you get some mean bed head just like the rest of us!

  1. Jenn said...:

    oh yeah and writer's block is like your brain ate a whole mess of concrete cheese.
    I had that last night.....

  1. Cambria said...:

    What is this bed head you speak of? I wake up gorgeous like they do on TV. LOL
    And i agree drugs are bad news.
    Writers block is never any fun but u will power through!

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