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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Hey Peeps!!

I have some exciting news to impart. I am packing up my website and this fine blog to another location.....
http://www.cambriahebert.com/ is now the home of my blog and my author website. But no worries - all the fun content that is here has been moved over there and everything is getting a new look! In addition to the blog you can find pages about my books, meet the characters in Masquerade and watch the book trailers.

I decided to roll everything into one place to make it a better experience for anyone who visits. I hope you all will come over there and check it out and enter the giveaway that's going on right now!

So remember from now on visit http://www.cambriahebert.com/ for all the goods!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Title: Nevermore
Author: Kelly Creagh
Publisher: Atheneum, August 31, 2010
Genre: Young Adult paranormal/fantasy
Format: Paperback, hardback, Ebook
ISBN: 1442402008

Isobel is a cheerleader, perky and blond, who is paired with a dark haired “goth” guy for an English assignment. At first she is horrified that she has to work with him. Even more horrified when she tries to talk to him and he is cold and aloof. Then he writes his phone number on her hand in purple ink.
That one act seemed to have sealed their fate.
Even long after Isobel washed away the purple, she still felt the mark. And the more she gets to know Varen, the more drawn into his world she becomes. Unfortunately for Varen that puts a target on his back. Isobel’s possessive (and big fat jerk) boyfriend decided to make Varen’s life hell.
It doesn’t get any better when Isobel breaks up with the jerk. But Varen and Isobel are drawn to one another, despite the worlds they come from. One day, Isobel peaks inside the journal Varen carries with him and finds herself staring into a dream world that he has created.
When strange things begin to happen and things appear that only Isobel can see her world begins to unravel…
And she begins to realize that the power of a dream and written word are far more than she could ever have known. As Varen is slowly consumed by nightmares of his making Isobel must find a way to save him…or lose him forever.

I had heard some good things about this book before I picked it up. The cover art is stunning and I loved the purple writing (which I loved even more after I put the book down). I didn’t know what this book was about when I began reading, I figured I would read and be surprised as I went. I will admit, I really was expecting a vampire book.
I was wrong. There are no vamps in this book. (Yes, a relief to many of you who are sick of the vampire craze). It was a plot like no other I have read.  It is an original idea that I could tell the author put a lot of thought and time into.
I really enjoyed this book for that reason. It took me into a whole new world to explore, with characters that were new. Okay, mainly Varen was new to me. The whole cheerleader and football player thing has been done before, but that’s okay, they were still good characters. Anyway, I liked Varen because I thought it was cool that a not so “OMG, that guy is soo hot” guy caught the eye of a “She is so hot” cheerleader”. A lot of the YA books that I read are outcast girl gets hot guy not the other way around. So props to the author for that.
I will say Varen didn’t have me swooning over him, but I did like him. He was a likable character, once given the chance to get to know him. I liked the juxtaposition of him being a goth and also working at a ice cream shop and spooning up flavors like pineapple. He doesn’t seem like a pineapple kind of guy to me. J He also drove a cool car.
Nevermore is a long book (over 500 pages), which I like, because it really gave me time to enjoy the book and get into the story. Although, about half way through I started getting antsy to know what the story was, what the book was all about. Up to that point it had mostly been about how Isobel and Varen grew closer and how her ex, Brad, bullied Varen.
The one thing that seemed to bother me was that I felt like I didn’t really know what the book was about. It seemed that Varen held all the answers and he never gave Isobel any. It bothered me. I was reading and reading waiting for his explanations that never came. Now, another character in the book explained a lot of things, and some things Isobel was left to figure out on her own…which I can see how that might be good, because as a reader I really felt like Isobel, identified with her, because I was trying to figure it out alongside her. On the other hand, as a reader, I want to know! I want to discover things, things that maybe even the heroine doesn’t know that way I can gasp then await for his/her reaction upon discovering what was really going on.
In the end I knew what the book was about, I knew what Varen’s “ability” was (for lack of a better term) but I never got to hear his side of the story. If I had been Isobel I would really be angry. Here she is in love with a guy who has one hell of a hobby that she got drug into. A little explanation please??
And to be honest, some things still feel left unexplained, left unsaid.
Yes, there is another book to come out in 2012. Yes, by the end of Nevermore you have a clear picture of what the next book will be about, but still I wanted to know more.
Will I read the next book? Yes. For sure. It is a good story line, unique and I want to know what happens. I am hoping those answers that I look for will be given in book two.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes YA paranormal or fantasy and maybe wants something different, something without vampires and werewolves (why anyone wouldn’t want a werewolf- I will never know).
So there you have it. My opinion.

Haters Gonna Hate - A Guest Post from C.S. Splitter

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Hey Peeps!!!
I hope you are all recovered from your turkey and shopping induced hang overs and are ready to get to reading and to thinking! C.S. Splitter is here today and we are doing something fun and new. We are tag teaming our blogs!! Whoop Whoop. So read his guest post here and then click over to his blog http://www.splittersworld.blogspot.com/ and read my guest post there! An while you are visiting maybe you could follow his blog! It's great! We are both talking about writing and the in's and outs of the publishing industry (mainly traditional publishing vs. Indie pubishing). Splitter has some really level headed a wonderful insight on the publishing world and I reccomend reading ahead. Then... leave a comment tell us how you feel about what we are talking about and don't be afraid to share your opinion!!!!
So let's get things rolling......

Haters Gonna Hate
Cambria and I are trying something new today.  We are tag-teaming our blogs.  Read her guest post on my blog and then come back here to read my response.  Hey, hit the follow buttons on both!
Cambria’s story about her path to getting published reminded me of an argument I witnessed recently.  Cambria went with a small press publisher that is growing rapidly.  I am going the self pub route.  Which is better?
That has been a hotly contested debate going on around the internet and it has created a lot of animosity between “traditionally published” authors and the self pubbers (I won’t even get into the differences between Big Six published authors and indies and self pubbers).  Who is bringing all of this hate?  On which side does it originate?
Cambria has said that she sometimes catches some heat from self published authors.  I believe it because I have seen them say that traditionally published authors have “sold their souls.”  I have caught heat from traditionally published authors because, as a self published author, my work is “obviously inferior” and “not worthy of a publishing deal.”
See?  I told you there was some hatin’ goin’ on lol.
The truth is: neither is the better route to having people read your work.
Cambria just wants to write and then do reviews in her spare time (like she has spare time!).  I wanted to learn the ins and outs of getting a book to market.  Cambria had to suffer through a hundred rejections and three years of sitting on her work, I would have given up.  On the other hand, I worked twenty hour days leading up to my last release and would have killed for the help a publisher could have supplied. 
She has at least three titles coming out in the space of just a couple months (can you say “prolific writer?”).  I just put out my second book seven months after the first.  Her publishing company takes a portion of her royalties (that’s the selling of the soul part).  I have to somehow pay for my editor and other services (but since they are not employed by a publisher, they must be as bad as me).  Cambria is awesome about getting the word out on her releases, I get bogged down in formatting and figuring out Smashword’s MeatGrinder.
So you see: everything is a trade off.  There is no answer to which is the better route for authors.  The REAL question should be which route is better for YOU.
Why all the animosity between the two groups then?  I really do not know.  I love Cambria’s work and respect the snot out of her (nice turn of phrase, huh?).  She has always given me honest reviews of my books and said nice things about me so I will assume she feels about the same way.  I know we both thought about doing things “the other way” before deciding on our own courses.
My guess is that people who go one route or the other do not want to second guess their decision.  They tend to look down on the people who chose a different path because that makes them feel better about their own choices.
It’s BS!  Who cares how the other guy or gal gets their work into the hands of readers?  Why waste energy tearing them down instead of doing things like promoting your OWN work…which every author has to do no matter how they go to market.  We should be supporting one another in this changing publishing environment.
That is my take, at least.  Feel free to leave comments.
I found it interesting that Cambria wrote in first person.  I agree with her that it is more personal, but that is not the only reason I decided to also go that route with the “Crayder Chronicles.”
When I started writing the first book, I recalled something my highschool English teacher told me many years ago.  He said; “Only amateurs and hacks write in first person.”  Since I was an amateur and could only aspire to being a hack, I chose to write in first person.  By the way, that teacher failed me one year because he did not like my attitude.
More hatin’ goin’ on lol.
The easy thing about writing in first person is organization.  You can get inside of one character’s head for a while and stay there as long as you need.  From that perspective, it is easier than writing in third person where you need to be able to change gears quickly.
However, first person is terribly limiting from a story perspective.  You cannot just bounce around between characters to show the reader what is happening.  The reader only knows what the character knows so when something happens “off screen,” you have to figure out how to get that information to the character in a believable and, ideally, interesting way.
I have seen authors (and readers) argue about this too.  Some agree with my English teacher.  Some agree with the names like Glen Cook, Jim Butcher, and Roger Zelazny, that did whole series in first person.
Here again, there really is no single answer.  It depends on the writer, the story, and the characters.
In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”
I have this strange feeling that if writers spent more time on their own craft, and less time worried about how others do things differently, there would be a lot more good books being published from all directions.

Wasn't that a really great post? I couldn't agree with his insight more..... "Can't we all just get along?" I respect ALL authors no matter where they are from. We all work hard.

Here's a little more about Splitter:

C.S. Splitter is the author of The Reluctant and The Willing both available now where all Ebooks are sold.
I highly reccomend both books. They are fabulous reads and I am not just saying that. He writes with talent and makes unlikable characters likable.... its a gift.
Here's the link to buy it on smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/52864

and his second book out just days ago....

Here is the smashwords link to buy it:

Don't forget to leave a comment on what your views on publishing and anything else writing that pops into your mind.... Splitter and I both will be here to get some dialogue going!!

*Special thanks to C.S. Splitter for being here today.

Cold Blood giveaway winner announcement!

Friday, November 25, 2011
Hey Peeps!!
I know you are out probably shopping til you drop but I wanted to pop in quick to announce the winner of the Cold Blood Giveaway!!! One lucky follower can rest their weary legs tonight while reading a fabulous book!!

And the winner is:


I will email you your coupon code today!!

Christmas Lites is Available TODAY!!

Hey Peeps!
I have a Black Friday buster!!! And you don't even have to leave home to get your hands on the best gift to give this holiday season.

Christmas Lites - A Creative Reviews Anthology is available today!!! You can go to smashwords right now and get the Ebook. It's only 3.99 and EVERY single penny goes to support the National Coalition against Domestic Violence.
Here is the link to get your copy on Smashwords:

Here is the link to buy it on Createspace in print (it is not yet available on Amazon but will be in about a week) :

The price is 12.99$ and all proceeds will also go to the NCADV.

So go get a copy or two. They make great gifts for the season AND you are giving to a great cause. It's a total win - win situation.

Want to know more about Christmas Lites? Read on!!

The Creative Reviews group on GoodReads is filled to the brim with writers, reviewers, editors, proofreaders and crazy people. We decided to pull all our abilities to do something for others. Born: Christmas Lites. It’s a Short Story Anthology with the overall theme of Christmas. It will be available in Ebook and Print TODAY!!!! (November 25, 2011)

26 authors submitted a short story to be included in the anthology and ALL the proceeds will be donated to the NCADV - National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It’s a wonderful charity that we are honored to support. We are also donating FREE Ecopies to the deployed troops overseas via Operation Ebook Drop.

Clearly this book is fantastic!!! Grab your copy today!!!!
List of Titles and Authors:
Shane Stilson: Higher Ground
E.C. Stilson: How I Found My Soul Mate and Turkey Avenger
Vered Ehsani: Christmas Ghost
C.S. Splitter: Whimper
Phil Cantrill: Christmas Story
Brett Talley: Last Year’s Eggnog
Catherine Forbes: The Gateway Incident
Mark Koning: Sweet Child
Tricia Kristufek: Accidentally Gift Wrapped
Paige Kellerman: Christmas Disco
L.A. Wright: Star of Christmas
S. Patrick Pothier: The  Road to Comfort
Cassie McCown: Mirror
Angel Armstead: All I want for Christmas
Ottilie Weber: ‘Tis the Holiday Spirit
Amy Eye: The Hunt
JA Clement: A Sprig of Holly
Richard Phelan: Memories of the Splendid Splinter
Mark Mackey: An Amy Harkstone Christmas
Lizzie Ford: Santa’s Ninja Elf
Nicholette Alexandr: Broken Glass
Mark Faulkner: Face
Cambria Hebert: The Perfect  Ornament, Blank
Angela Yukiro-Smith: Only That Day Dawns
Mysti Parker: The Carpenter’s Wife

Amy Eye: Formatting, Editing
Vered Ehsani: Editing
Tricia Kristufek, Cassie McCown, Alan Zendell
Cover Design and Print Formatting: Dafeenah Jameel, www.indiedesignz.com
Christmas Tree Glyph: Regina Wamba, www.maeidesign.com
Ebook converting for Smashwords: C.S. Splitter
NCADV coordinator: Jenn Pringle
Christmas Lites Trailer and Ebook Drop Coordinator: Cambria Hebert

National coalition against domestic violence.
Info of what they do:

NCADV believes violence against women and children results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships, and from societal abuse of power and domination in the forms of sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism, able-bodyism, ageism and other oppressions. NCADV recognizes that the abuses of power in society foster battering by perpetuating conditions, which condone violence against women and children. Therefore, it is the mission of NCADV to work for major societal changes necessary to eliminate both personal and societal violence against all women and children. 

NCADV's work includes coalition building at the local, state, regional and national levels; support for the provision of community-based, non-violent alternatives - such as safe home and shelter programs - for battered women and their children; public education and technical assistance; policy development and innovative legislation; focus on the leadership of NCADV's caucuses developed to represent the concerns of organizationally under represented groups; and efforts to eradicate social conditions which contribute to violence against women and children.contribute to violence

Book Trailer for Christmas Lites:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011
This is what your good eats look like before Thanksgiving day----------->

And this is what it looks like on the day of Thanksgiving........


Today in honor of Thanksgiving I am going to do a special post! I have emailed a bunch of friends and fellow bloggers and asked them what they are thankful for this year and what their favorite holiday tradition is. Some answered one and some answered both... a few included a picture of themselves or of their loved ones...... I even made it a pretty orange color:

I am thankful for my wonderful family and good friends new and old.
Cooking up loads of delicious food and spending time with loved ones.
 ~ Heidi Perman        

This year I am thankful for my family, especially my little girl who brings us so much joy.
~ Tricia Kristufek
This year I am thankful for my fiance, my book releases, my family and my friends.
My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my family on Christmas Eve, and going to mass and opening presents with loved ones on Christmas Day.
~ Beth Ann Masarik author of The World Among Us
This year I am thankful for my wonderful family. My husband to is so wonderful, supportive and my best friend. My children, who make life.. Lively and beautiful. You are my inspiration and ultimate drive to succeed! I do everything I do for my family! My mother, and brother… whom I’ve known all my life (who’d a thought!? Har-har!) I love you to pieces. And all my other family. I have created and continue to create memories and moments from everything we share together. MUAH. I am also happily thankful for fudge brownies, snickers caribou coffee, sunshine, my maman, a warm and loving house, puppies, kittens and miniature things (I just LOVE miniature things…SO ADORABLE..they make me smile), and my friends… past, present and future! CHeERs! J
 My favorite family holiday tradition is Deviled Eggs. Nuff said. MMMMM..
My amazing son, wonderful parents, my health and blessed to have met so many wonderful people online through blogs and Creative Reviews this year.
I'm thankful for my new friends who I smile when I see they have emailed me like you, Amy, Lizzy, Dafeenah and Splitter.
You are all so awesome!

My favorite holiday tradition thanksgiving wise is pulling the wishbone with my dad though he always get the wish. I think it's cause he's stronger.

"My favorite family holiday tradition is getting up early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, then cooking and eating all day, followed by some serious football watching!" 
~ Tish Thawer author
This year I am thankful for all the wonderful new friends I’ve made.
 My favorite family holiday tradition, well, I don’t have one. We are not that kind of family. On holiday we kind of get split up LoL,,, But we always call and msg each other. I have a little tradition of my own. On xmas eve of every year for the past 10 years or so, I seat with a big bowl of honey popcorn on my lap and watch the movies “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Christmas Carol”. I feel like I can change the world after it. J
~Elisandra Vargas Franzmann, book reviewer and friend.

My favorite family holiday tradition is: that my husband has taken over as official 'turkey day chef'. I don't have to spend all day in the kitchen - and he loves to cook so stop thinking I'm running slave labor over here!
~Heather Hildenbrand author of  Dirty Blood and Cold Blood

This year I am thankful for so many things. My kids and my husband and my family. My dogs and cats. This year has been such a great year for me. I started a blog and met so many wonderful people, supportive and friendly people. I am grateful for the chance to publish my novel and the chance to see my dream come true.

My favorite holiday tradition is looking through the black Friday ads on Thanksgiving morning and looking at all the things I probably won’t buy. LOL. I also love to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade.
~Cambria Hebert (ME!!!)

So what are you thankful for this year?

I wish you all the safest most joyus holiday that you can have. I hope your turkey is tasty and your pie is delish. I hope laughter rings through your home and the holiday spirit fills your chest until it might burst.

And if you plan to go shopping on Black Friday.....

 Remeber the rules.
#1 NO pushing and shoving (unless someone is trying to steal what you want)
#2 NO talking dirty to the sales lady or sales man (unless they are HOT)
#3 No speeding while driving (Unless you have somewhere you really must be)
#4 Be polite. (Unless someone else is actin a fool)
#5 Spend money (but not more than you make.... unless its on sparkly items....)


Whiteout Giveaway Winners!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Hey Peeps!

It was a fun release day!! But all good things must end.... luckily my book will still be for sale tomorrow.... LOL. But before I bid everyone a goodnight I have to congratulate the winners of the Giveaway!!!!!!

So here we goooooo.....

Winner of Snow Bank A : A signed poster, a copy of Whiteout and the Wolf ornament is:

Congratulations Katy!

The winner of Snow Bank B: A 5$ Dairy Queen Gift card a 5$ Starbucks Giftcard and the snowflake ornament is:

Congratulations SP!!

Because tomorrow is a holiday I will not be able to get everything in the mail until Friday (afternoon because I am a crazy person and going shopping on Friday morning - LOL!!) But the gifts will come. I will email the winners and get a mailing address and then get your your goods!

Thank you all so much for entering! Remember to come back Friday when I announce the winner of the Cold Blood Giveaway!

Tomorrow I have a special Thanksgiving post up for Turkey Day so after you are stuffed come check it out!

Have a great night everyone and thanks!!!
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